About us

Surgical instrument reprocessing is your daily challenge !


Instrument management between operating room and CSSD is our expertise


Organizing and streamlining the instrument reprocessing between OR and CSSD  is essential

so that every day, surgical programs are carried out with serenity


InWay® implements with you, your tools and your solutions adapted for the future...

Our History

InWay® was created at the end of 2020 in order to meet the efficiency needs of hospitals in the organisation of the instrument path.


After a 30-year career in the medical industrie, I choose to stand on my own feet and create InWay®, for Instrument Way.


"My goal has always been to meet the needs of my clients with the most suitable solution.

In my career, I had the opportunity to create activity-based pricing solutions and needs assessment tools in different medical specialties.

After a training and a cssd expert diploma in the Aesculap® Academy (BBraun Group), I have contributed to help many Hospitals for their instrument management and set up many adapted solutions...


... today, my experiences in the medical industry and surgical instruments allow me to respond to the operating theater and sterilization teams, with dedicated organizational solutions, which allow real benefits."


Jean-Paul Averty


Our Mission

The use of Surgical instruments is subject to numerous hygiene and quality rules, so that the reuse of these devices is safe for patients and healthcare personnel.


InWay® is aimed to head nurses, pharmacists, OR nurses, surgeons, head of Hospitals, to offer measured solutions, according to existing parameters specific to each situation.


InWay® is a free and indépendant company,  which guarantees our seriousness in the provided solutions.