What can we improve ?


Work :

Review of reprocessing processes in CSSD and OR. Complete review of the instrument pathway. Search for critical ...


How to remove corrosion on the instruments, for a long time ?


Work :

Inspection of existing equipment. Surface, contact, frictional, deep or pitting corrosion is evaluated to determine its extent and origin.

INSTRUMENT Referencing

How to integrate my structure in a traceability software ?


Work :

Identification of type, number, condition, of the instruments of one or more sets for surgery...


INSTRUMENT Optimization


How to save time and place ?


Need :

Reduce number of medical devices and number of references ...




How many Sets do we need for a stress-free program ?


Need :

Operate without tight flow to avoid stress and disagreements between operating room and CSSD...

Backup Stock Study

How to have 100% functional instruments ?


Need :

Stock of references able to replace missing instruments...


Load Study

How to assess my need for washers and autoclaves ?


Need :

Being able to meet the need for washing and sterilization with a measured dimensioning of the needs for automated systems...