Situation Audit

Works :

Review of reprocessing processes in Central Sterile Services Department and Operating Room. Complete review of the instrument pathway. Search for critical points and possible improvements.


Water for instruments analyzes :

All the waters used during reprocessing have an influence on instrument condition. Targeted samples and measurements.


Instruments & Sets :

complet review of targeted Sets. Assessment of condition and relevance of Sets contents.


Backup stock & Maintenance :

Management of spare instruments and maintenance are essential to facilitate the sets turnover.


Deliverables :

Complete audit report, highlighting possible improvements. Proposal for the implementation of personalized solutions.


Pricing :

quotation on request. Contact InWay® :


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A  SITUATION AUDIT is an important prerequisite for most of our services.


Even if it is not obligatory, it is the revealer of most informations, likely to help in making subsequent decisions.


This results in the best work decisions, sometimes to save time and at least to be sure not to miss important parameters...