Examples of Projects

Instrument Referencing Project

The Hospital asks us to integrate all the surgical sets in its traceability software.


InWay action : we reference all the instruments in each concerned set, we check the condition of each instrument and we are able to return to the Hospital one detailed file of its instruments, which can be integrated directly into the new software.

This work can also be used to optimize and measure the  Backup Stock before integration.


Benefits : Easier reprocessing, scheduled maintenance, Time saved.

Optimization Project

Since many years, after many tenders and non-measured purchases, reprocessing is becoming difficult with unmarked or unknown instruments.

A lot of wasted time, only to replace one missing instrument.


InWay action : After a complete referencing of the sets, we identify the common references and propose an inter-speciality harmonization for the most used instruments.


Benefits : Easier reprocessing, Satisfied Surgeons, Easier purchasing, Time saved.

Surgical Sets Flow Project

Surgical teams oftenly complain about not having their sets on time. Sterilization teams do their best to deliver as quickly as possible the needed sets...


InWay action : We work with the traceability software datas, with the program of the 6 last months. We spot the tension moments and identify the . We offer arrangements in agreement with the teams.


Benefits : Less stress, Less breakages and losses, measured purchasing, Time saved.